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2023年11月8日(水) 18:00
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Pulmonary symptoms in adolescent and adult patients with a spinal deformity
Marinus de Kleuver M.D., PhD.
Department of Orthopedics, Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands
Marinus de Kleuver, M.D., PhD.
Pulmonary symptoms in adolescent and adult patients with a spinal deformity

Patients with spinal deformities, both adolescents and adults, often experience pulmonary symptoms such as shortness of breath during physical exertion and reduced exercise tolerance. These symptoms significantly affect their daily functioning, and recent research by Van Kempen et al. (2022) involving 8,723 AIS patients found that declines in pulmonary function tests (PFTs) were linked to the severity of their spinal deformities.

However, these clinically relevant pulmonary symptoms are not routinely monitored, which could have health implications as patients age, given the gradual deterioration of pulmonary function associated with the severity of their spinal deformities. PFTs have been used to quantify these symptoms, but a discrepancy exists between these objective measurements and the subjective experiences of patients, reducing their clinical value. To address this gap, patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) capturing the patient's perspective are needed but are currently lacking.

The presentation outlines ongoing efforts to rectify this situation, with a focus on measuring pulmonary function and exercise tolerance through structured patient interviews, the use of smart vests with sensors, and the development of a patient-reported outcome measure (PROM). These endeavors aim to improve the monitoring and management of pulmonary symptoms in spinal deformity patients, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and long-term health.
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